About mccumesty.net

Since about 1999, I’ve had a “McCumesty Family Website” – sitting around on some free space on VirginMedia (formerly NTL – formerly CableTel – fomerly whoever…).  I even got around to registering a family domain (mccumesty.net) to make it easier to find.
It was a few family snaps, primarily intended to share with friends and family, home and overseas.


It sat there for years – untouched since about 2008.  The uptake of the likes of flickr, facebook, youtube, twitter has meant that sharing photos no longer is the realm of good ol’ fashioned lovingly hand-crafted HTML web pages.

Finally, on 28 April 2016 – Virginmedia has decided to close down the webspace … so here we are – now temporarily resting on some elastic space on a bit of WordPress.     Don’t worry – all is not lost.   I’ve safely archived all that old stuff on a spare bit of cloud, and I’ll get around to moving the old archive on here for the world to view at some point (for historical purposes!).

Since we’re here, anyway – will get this stuff up to being a bit more modern – and have some responsive HTML5 thingys that will be more phone and iPad-friendly for those of us with that disposition.

If you are interested in finding out more about the surname McCumesty, then check out the McCumesty geneology page.

Hope you’ll appreciate the change.   Enjoy (or whatever)…

–jim  (April 2016)